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Between B.C.’s oldest provincial park and the Salish Sea sits a collection of communities stacked with good food, Pacific Northwest culture, and all the outdoor pursuits a passionate outdoorsy person needs.Mountains bump up against the ocean here. Glaciers feed fish-filled rivers and vineyards overlook patches of working farmland. 

With an oceanside airport, ski resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and some of the raddest mountain biking in Canada, this valley moves with an energy unlike anywhere on the West Coast. You, too, can move here.

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Heart of the valley. Public parks, diverse shopping, yoga studios and eclectic food. The shortest navigable river in the world. Sea lions hunting salmon past Lewis Park. Ramen noodles on 5th Ave. From The Orchard to Tin Town, Courtenay is the largest market here.


A former retirement community on the ocean is reframing itself with youthful touches. Craft beer, dispensaries, restaurants and, of course, bike shops. Find your new home near the ocean on this stunning peninsula. Comox may be quiet, but that’s what they like about it. And Goose Spit’s Little Mexico might be the hottest spot in the valley, literally.


Former mining town turned mountain biking Mecca. Burgers at Cooks. Music at the Waverley. Beer at Cumberland Brewing. One of the youngest demographics in Canada. This is where the action happens, but it’s still pretty darn quiet come sunset. Cumberland doesn’t need to be sold, because it’s already white hot. There are many reasons why. Come see for yourself.

Black Creek + Merville

Rural Utopia with crystal clear rivers and sprawling farmland. Gateway to both the mountains and ocean. This is where your food comes from. It’s also where people move to slow down and take in the quiet.


A long-held secret that has recently been discovered and repackaged as “Cumberland by the Sea”, Royston is just that: small, friendly and active. The ocean is right there, and the river flows right through town. Good coffee at the Royston Roasting House. A fun music scene at the local Roy’s Towne Pub. Even the Valley’s best hotel and resort is here: The Kingfisher. Royston is Comox without the crowd.

Hornby + Denman

Life moves a little slower across the water. On Denman, there’s a free store, a cute-as-heck “small town centre” and a bunch of emerald parks. On Hornby, a long history of bohemian art and simply incredible mountain biking put Hornby on the map. Tribune Bay is a British Columbian treasure. Summertime brings crowds, but the rest of the year both islands are a Utopia of pastoral silence.

Mt Washington

Anywhere else in B.C., Mount Washington’s tiny community would have long ago become a tourism magnet. But here at this fun, medium-sized ski resort, the locals have the place to themselves most of the time. From condos to big vacation homes, “Washy”—as the locals call it—is a gem. Right next to Strathcona Park and blessed with a summertime bike park, this is the spot for proper outdoor fans. 

Forbidden Plateau

With two rivers bordering it, a massive amount of hiking, mountain biking and motorsport trails, and the freedom of rural living, Forbidden Plateau was founded with a long-forgotten ski resort but has arrived as one of the Valley’s premier locations to settle in quiet and peace. If you’re a self-starter and don’t need to be near all the services of “downtown,” then this is the place to be.

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